Summer wardrobe 2021: fashion trend guide

New hot trends are waiting for us each new season. Over the past few years, global trends have remained the same: comfortable oversize, minimalism, pastel colors, a touch of neon and accent accessories. Only minor details made a difference. In 2021, everything has changed dramatically.

Let's see what fresh and current clothing trends are waiting for us in the new season, on the basis of which you can create a stylish and fashionable summer wardrobe.

Summer 2021 trends

The main trends we will consider in this article.

Bright colors

Pastel shades have been at the peak of popularity for the past 5 years. In 2021, they give way to colorful juicy shades. Trendy colors of 2021 are lemon, lilac, lime, pistachio, orange, blue, grass green, hot pink, fuchsia. Given the global situation in the world, fashion seeks to cheer up. Everyone is already tired of experiences, restrictions in everyday life. Clothing and accessories in bright colors are the key to a good mood. Moreover, in one look you can combine several rich bright colors. Such self-expression freedom is more than ever welcome in summer.

Pastel shades in monochrome outfits

Pastels never go out of style. Despite the fact that bright colors will prevail this summer, pastel looks will also be relevant. Saturated colors and color blocking are not appropriate in all life situations. When it is necessary to assemble a discreet, elegant, noble outfit, pastel comes to the rescue. In the summer of 2021, choose delicate pistachio, pink shades, muted lavender, turquoise, light yellow. Pastel shades look great in combination with fabrics of light textures.

Tops & Bras

A stable trend of recent times has migrated from previous seasons. Short tops, that reminiscent underwear, can be worn under a jacket, combined with sweatpants, skirts. If in past collections tops were presented mainly in basic shades (black, gray, beige), then in the summer of 2021 bright, catchy colors are welcome. If you want to add color to summer looks, choose hot pink, lemon, green, lilac, red tops. In summer, tops can be worn as an independent element of the wardrobe and with a second layer. The originality of this trend is not in the products themselves, but in the way they are used. In 2021, designers suggest wearing linen tops over shirts, shirt-cut dresses, thin turtlenecks.

Curly cutouts on clothes

Cutouts can be of any shape, size, present on different types of clothes like jeans, dresses, tops. Mostly we are talking about knitwear (tight dresses, T-shirts). Variable design cutouts can be located on the back, sides, shoulders, neckline. The more interesting and unusual the product, the better. Knitted silhouette clothes are not to everyone's taste. Cutouts combined with a fitted cut look very catchy. If you do not want too bold effect, you can choose more versatile products. Cotton and satin blouses, dresses, loose crop tops with a cutout on the back look more feminine and romantic.

Open back

You can meet this trendy detail most often on blouses and dresses. Especially beautifully open back plays in contrast with textured fabrics, such as cotton, linen, silk, satin. When choosing open back clothing, the main thing is not to overdo it. Clothing with an open back is accent, attracts attention. It is better if the front is concise, closed, and the sleeves of the product are long. Combined with voluminous puffed sleeves, a romantic Provence-style look is created, with light vintage notes. The open back is great for summer. Clothes with such detail can be worn even in everyday looks, complementing with something relaxed and minimalistic.

Front slits on trousers and jeans

The trendy side slits have been replaced by straight, symmetrical mid-cuts. Most often, the product has a longitudinal seam that connects two flaps of fabric when sewing. This line visually slims if the trousers or jeans have a straight or semi-loose fit. You should be careful with tight-fitting silhouettes. Plus size beauties risk to emphasize figure shapes with too tight trousers. The principle works here, like vertical striped leggings. Due to the cuts in the front, trousers and jeans fit stylishly over the shoes, elegantly baring part of the leg. If the weather is cool, you can add accent bright socks that will bring emphasis to the outfit. The trend is original and unbeaten, so if you want variety, now is the time to try it.

Shirt dresses

In the new season, fitted silhouettes in dresses come into fashion. If earlier stylists insisted that the shirt should be straight or voluminous, then for the summer of 2021 you can safely choose a fitted shirt. Such a model will look especially stylish and impressive in combination with a corset or a wide belt. There may be decorative elements in the form of asymmetrically located buttons, draperies on shirt dresses. What about oversize dresses? We continue to wear them. They don't go out of fashion. Fitted silhouettes are what many fashionistas have been waiting for for several years. If you want something fresh, you can safely choose the fitted option.

Tai Dai

Tie-dye breaks into fashion again. If earlier tie-dye was predominantly in basic colors, such as gray, black, brown, now bright, eccentric combinations are relevant. Given the trend for bright colors in clothing and accessories, colorful tie-dye fits in perfectly, as this print is able to combine all the colors of the rainbow at the same time. At the moment, you can find various sports items with tie dye print, for example, joggers, T-shirts, suits, tops.

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