Women's flip flops and slippers shop online in Ukraine

There is nothing more comfortable than practical flip flops for hot summer. Discreet stylish options for everyday wear, light bright models for the beach - modern fashion suggests wearing women's flip-flops in a combination of different styles in any life situations. Laconic, neat options made of natural leather and suede in basic colors are appropriate to wear in urban looks. For those who are not afraid to try new things, stylists recommend complementing strict trouser suits with minimalist Vietnamese shoes and classic flip-flops.

Types of flip-flops and slippers

All slaps can be divided into urban and recreational models.

  • Leather flip flops. The classic is a Birkenstock-themed option on a cork or rubber sole, as thin as possible or with a platform. Under jeans and shorts, suits and dresses. Versatile leather flip-flops are great for everyday wear. They take care of the comfort of your feet, they do not float. If your feet tend to form calluses, and therefore you are skeptical about flip-flops made of genuine leather, we recommend that you pay attention to models made of soft leather without lining. The soft side of raw leather inside the flip flops will suit even the most sensitive fashionistas.
  • Beach flip flops. A comfortable laconic model, often on a woven straw sole. They are made of different materials: leather, rubber, canvas, silicone. The main task is maximum simplicity: I took it off and went into the water. They are made as light as possible for ease of transportation.
  • Textile flip flops. Made of canvas, coarse linen, jacquard. Weightless on the leg, with many interesting designs. From laconic monophonic to noticeable ones with stones, embroidery, bows, fur.
  • Silicone flip flops. Light, elastic, easy to wash, great for rest. There can be different bright colors with pictures.

Models of flip-flops

  • Clogs. An exquisite model of sandals with an open heel, on wedges or heels. They are characterized by a wooden sole.
  • One toe flip flops. Slippers with rubber soles and toe straps. Actual flip-flops have undergone changes, for example, they can be on one big toe, with stones, on a sole made of rubber, foam.
  • Muley. Despite the fact that mules are shoes with an open heel, they are often referred to as flip flops due to the similarity of the models. Representatives of official and business style, they go well with trouser suits.
  • Pantolets. Shoe style with an open heel and toe. They combine the properties of sandals, slates, flip flops, flip-flops.

How to choose fashionable flip-flops and slippers?

  • No logos. Chanel, Gucci, Dior badges are a thing of the past. Regardless of how expensive and famous the brand is, the presence of advertising that screams is a bad tone.
  • Animalistic print. Leopard, snake, zebra, python - interesting options that can safely be classified as classics.
  • Interesting models. Flip flops that look "expensive" are in trend. They can be screaming with spectacular decor. High-quality materials and original tailoring will add to the nobility of the model.
  • Urban flip flops with a maximally closed top are in fashion. They look reliable, strong and do not create a trail of carelessness. Current models on the platform and wedge.
  • Trend provocation – flip-flops with socks. Challenging, noticeable - on heels, comfortable and casual - in a sports style.
  • Play on the contrast by mixing casual clothes with flip-flops. It is not only comfortable, but also fashionable in the new season.

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