Women's clothing, shoes and accessories: Sale

It is profitable to buy a thing you like at a discount - the dream of every fashionista. Simona Polagina women's clothing online store conducts regular sales for certain models of clothing, shoes and accessories. Discounts can reach 80%, which makes the purchase very successful and especially enjoyable.

How things get to Sale?

We work without intermediaries with manufacturers and sewing ateliers, so discounts depend directly on them. Most often, you can buy clothes on sale, which ends the fabric (or accessories) and the model is taken out of production. As the season changes, the companies plan to release new collections, so they are happy to sell the leftovers at a more than inexpensive price. If you want to buy a pair of shoes, be sure to check availability. Shoes in one maximum of the last few sizes are on sale.

Be sure to add new items from Sale section to busket not to miss the desired thing, because when the manufacturer arranges a sale, it is valid for all online stores, not just ours, so the demand increases dramatically.