Women's shirts buy online in Ukraine

A shirt is a representative of the basic wardrobe. This item of clothing is suitable for different styles, universal for any season. The shirt moved to the women's wardrobe from the men's, firmly fixed in it and does not give up positions. On the contrary, taking into account the trend towards unification, women began to actively wear both men's cut shirt and products purchased from men's shops departments.

A shirt in comparison with blouse, has a simple cut and clear lines. Trendy models of a voluminous cut with a lowered shoulder line can replace a cardigan, a beach cape. Warmed pieces are an original alternative to jackets . The shirt as outerwear is specially designed for those who like to create the most relaxed looks. Please note that such a product must be made of dense fabric and hold its shape. Summer and spring models can be made of flowing fabrics.

The shirt can be used as a top layer in any season. In the summer, you can wear a close-fitting T-shirt or a short sports top underneath. In autumn, spring and winter, take a longsleeve, T-shirt or even turtleneck as a bottom layer. Please note that if you wear a dense textured product under the bottom, such as a thin sweater, the material of the shirt should be denser.

What kind of shirts are trendy?

Asymmetric shirt.
Asymmetric shirts with wedges, different lengths, geometric inserts and cutouts are excellent representatives of the casual style. As a rule, they have voluminous elements that stand out, which are not compatible with outerwear.

Shirts with voluminous sleeves.
Shirts with incredibly long sleeves are presented in new collections of famous brands. Such products are not very practical for everyday wear, but they look impressive at events and photo shoots. The main materials for sewing such shirts were linen, cotton, batiste.

Plaid shirts.
Favorite youth option in street casual style. Wear plaid shirts with jeans and shorts not only as an independent top, but also as a cardigan under a top or tank top. Fashionable plaid shirt has an oversize cut, length from the middle of the thigh to the knee. Long sleeves that can be rolled up, wide dropped shoulders - a relevant cut.

Long shirts.
Shirts dresses, shirts-cardigans are not only universal, but also fashionable. One and the same product acquires many purposes, allows you to create an unlimited number of combinations. Yes, a dress-blouse is suitable for skinny spring, it will serve as a comfortable dress in summer. A long shirt can be tied, knotted, tucked in half or fully, thus different every time, showing individuality.

Belted shirts.
If you don't like shapeless pieces, but still want to add a trendy shirt to your wardrobe, pay attention to models with a belt. The current shirt of the new season is not fitted. They have the same voluminous style, but with the help of a belt you can emphasize the waist. Choose products that are mid-thigh length or below. This model will look especially stylish with wide, straight, full-length pants and jeans.

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