Silver jewelry shop online

No matter how stylish and trendy the clothes are, the look seems boring and incomplete without jewelry. That is why it was decided to supplement the assortment of the Simona Polagina online store with new products. This page presents silver jewelry and genuine stone jewelry for every taste.
Silver products are a great choice for everyday wear. The precious metal is practical, durable, and has excellent external characteristics. Silver jewelry, unlike gold, is easy to combine with clothes and shoes of any stylistic direction. Yellow gold sometimes clashes with casual or sportswear, and may be inappropriate in certain situations. In the world, it is not always necessary to flaunt material status. The aesthetic properties of silver are in no way inferior to gold, but they cost much less.
Advantages of silver jewelry:
  • versatility in combinations;
  • noble appearance;
  • aesthetics;
  • inexpensive price;
  • ease of processing, which allows you to create decorations of original forms.
925 silver is a high-quality material. The marking shows the content of 1 g of pure silver alloy. The rest is due to impurities. Additives are necessary to increase strength, shine, and physical properties.

Silver earrings to buy in Ukraine

The main part of silver products is silver earrings. This is the simplest and necessary accessory for everyday life. Silver earrings can be worn at any age. They are often chosen as a gift for children.
The website catalog presents the following types of women's silver earrings:
  • Silver earrings studs. The products have a pin and an English lock. Screw-on options are reliable, suitable for long-term wear. Cloves with silicone pads are easier to use if a person removes them regularly.
  • Silver earrings-pendants with stones. Can be everyday, evening. The stone can be one or a composition.
  • Silver earrings classic. The peculiarity of the products is that they have a classic fastener. The jewelry has a minimum thickness that passes through a standard earlobe hole. An elongated tail hangs from the back of the ear, which looks very elegant and extraordinary.
  • Silver earrings pendants. An eternal classic that is easy to combine with other products. They have convenient congo fasteners or studs.
  • Silver earrings rings. Equipped with a separately fixed product of a variable shape, which is fixed in a small ring. Locks: Italian, French, English.
  • Silver earrings hangs. They do not have a lock, they are held by a curved hook.
  • Silver earrings cross. This geometric figure looks stylish, according to many beliefs, it protects against negative influences. Cross earrings will go well with an Orthodox cross on a chain.
In our online store, you can buy silver earrings with worldwide delivery. 

Silver pendants

A silver pendant chain never goes out of style. It can be sophisticated, cute, luxurious, daring. It is convenient to have several items on hand so that you can choose the final accent of the mood. Please note that jewelry is put on after the outfit is completely assembled.
Women's pendants on the neck usually differ in small sizes and small patterns. The new season also welcomes unisex options. Silver pendants of streamlined shapes with asymmetry and recesses are in trend. Non-standard decorations catch the eye. Women's silver pendants can be in the form of medallions, crystals. If you need a decoration for an evening out, a silver pendant with a stone is suitable. Inlay does not necessarily have to be precious. Due to the beautiful faceting, the rhinestones perfectly shimmer and sparkle.
Buying a pendant for a girl is a great gift idea. Silver pendants are in great demand in Ukraine. Unlike gold, silver products are not binding. You can make a gift to a child, friend, or mother. A silver heart pendant is suitable for a romantic occasion.
Ordering a silver pendant with a chain will be cheaper than buying both elements separately. If you buy jewelry in the online store, you can save on delivery.

Silver chains

Women's neck jewelry is a separate form of art. The most popular product is a chain. Silver options are distinguished by practicality. Over time, the metal tends to darken. It can be easily restored at home. The assortment includes silver women's chains with detailed live photos.
The most popular types:
  • Bismarck silver chain. Weaving is recognized as one of the strongest. The design of the chains is known, they almost do not break.
  • Women's silver Snake chain. The elegant version of the snake looks very elegant. A special feature is the visual absence of gaps. You need to be careful with such jewelry, because they are afraid of kinks.
  • The silver chain is thin. The choice of fashionistas who love elegant jewelry in the style of minimalism.
  • Multi-layer silver chain. An alternative to several separate decorations. The merit is that the multi-layered chain has one clasp and does not get tangled on the neck.
  • Silver chain with a pendant. Thanks to the pendants, the products acquire a thematic orientation, look more interesting and varied. It is more profitable to buy a women's silver chain complete with a pendant. You can always remove the pendant if necessary, replace it with another copy. One product acquires more functional qualities.
In the catalog of the online store, women's silver chains with a pendant in a minimalist style have been added. In accordance with the concept of our site, we replenish the assortment with concise jewelry that is easy to combine with clothes and with each other. Fashion strives for simplicity and comfort, and we 100% support this trend.
A silver chain with a pendant can be a basic casual and elegant piece of jewelry. The pendant itself can be made in the form of an animal, an element of the plant world, a zodiac sign, geometric shapes. Here you will find a product for any taste at an affordable price.
When choosing, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the decor, but also to the thickness. Women's thin silver chains are a universal option. They look elegant, feminine, give the image sensuality. From a practical point of view, they are inferior to more powerful options. If you are looking for a quality chain for long-term wear, it is better to choose a wider specimen. Women's thick silver chains look good in bright outfits. They are recommended for girls with curvaceous forms to maintain proportions. Sometimes a thin chain can simply get lost against the background of bright clothes with active prints and noticeable details.

Handmade natural stone jewelry

Our ancestors admired the power of natural minerals. We decided to create an original collection of handmade jewelry from natural stones and minerals, adapted to modern life. You can buy a choker, pendant, pendant made of Tiger's Eye, Howlite, Obsidian, Rhodonite and other minerals from us with delivery throughout Ukraine and abroad. Minimalist jewelry will suit any style. The quality of the stones is checked. A choker or bracelet can become not only a stylish decoration, but also a magical amulet. Of course, if you are interested in the internal properties of stones, and not only in appearance.
Jewelry made of natural stones always looks attractive and mysterious. Each stone is unique, has its own color and pattern. So, you can purchase a unique accessory that will only be yours. We make all lengths adjustable so that you can adjust the decoration individually.
Choker made of obsidian, howlite, rhodonite, tiger's eye is perfectly combined with dresses, clothes in casual style. We made sure that the decoration was not only interesting, but also convenient. Waterproof cord is used for weaving. You can swim in the water, take a shower, do yoga, do sports and even sleep in our natural stone jewelry. Minimalist jewelry made of natural stones is the choice of those who value life, respect nature, and want to join its healing power.

Online store Simona Polagina offers to buy chains, pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings made of 925 silver with delivery to USA, Canada, Mexico, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden. The ornaments are delivered in individual boxes made of environmentally friendly materials (recycled cardboard). Simple and laconic packaging without fancy details conveys sophistication and corresponds to the idea of ​​smart consumption.