Fashionable women's down-padded jackets and coats buy online

What can't you do without in winter? Of course, without a down jacket. Of course, a fur coat, natural or synthetic, looks more solid outerwear, but in practicality it is inferior to a simpler option - a winter down jacket. Thanks to the moisture-resistant coating, the down jacket reliably protects from wind and rain, which is very important for winter.
No outerwear is more practical and warmer than a down jacket. It protects from cold and wind, gives a feeling of comfort. Most models are made of raincoat fabric, resistant to precipitation. The material is easy to wash, easy to clean at home. The product can be treated with additional imbibition. Of course, there are alternative, more unusual options, such as corduroy, velvet down jackets. Some models may have sewn decor: stripes, zippers. It is better to entrust the care of such outerwear to dry cleaning specialists.

What down jackets are in trend?

Down jacket oversize.
The trend is a three-dimensional cut that looks cozy and allows you to create practical multi-layered looks. Under the jacket and down jacket oversize will easily fit a large knitted sweater, warmed skinny and even a jacket. Stylists recommend to pay attention to shortened models. They go well with pants and jeans. Short down jackets are especially relevant for women who drive car. This product is much more convenient. You can find the current model of medium and maxi length.
Quilted down jacket.
The original stitch in the form of rhombus, squares and intricate geometric shapes gives the outerwear a stylish look. In fashion, a very small pattern, as well as a very large stitch, which makes down jackets even more voluminous and airy.
Long down jacket.
In recent years, the trend towards comfortable and practical clothing has been actively promoted. Incredibly popular length of midi and maxi. It forms a harmonious silhouette, protects from wind and rain. High winter sneakers, ankle or high boots also go well with long outerwear. In the new season, designers suggest that the clothes have to cover the line of boots. Yes, you can create a spectacular set with tube boots.
Down jacket with a belt.
Recently fitted down jackets have been hot anti-trends. Femininity is back in fashion, however, in a slightly different format. Topical down jackets with a belt have an oversize cut. They are not fitted by themselves, but if desired, you can emphasize the waist with a belt. If necessary, the thing can be worn without a belt, creating a sporty relaxed outfit. That is, the actual down jacket is functional and gives its owner freedom of choice. It should be noted that midi-length down jackets with a belt look best with trendy wide pants and jeans, including flared.

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