What's trendy in spring 2021? Wearable trends

With the onset of the new season, every woman is interested in what to wear so that it is relevant, practical and stylish. In this article, we have collected the most important points that you should pay attention to. We will talk about the usual things such as outerwear, trousers, shirts, dresses. What styles, colors and models should be chosen in the spring of 2020, and what to combine them with? Let's take a closer look.



Modern fashion strives for convenience and practicality. Therefore, the spring coat 2021 should have a free silhouette.Voluminous elongated sweatshirts and basic sweatshirts, sweaters and shirts of a male cut can easily fit under. Coat of perfect fit does not bother movement. Between the body and clothing should remain "air", an additional space. Lovers of oversize clothes are especially lucky. Those who prefer a classic style can opt for a straight-cut coat. The midi length is still relevant. Belted, boyfriend, cocoon coats are in style. A special position is occupied by shirt coats . They can be either long or short. Their distinguishing feature is a check print in any color combinations, buttons, as on a regular basic shirt, a turn-down collar, cuffs with buttons on the sleeves.

Biker jacket

A leather biker jacket has long been a wardrobe essential. If you already have such a model, you can safely continue to wear it. However, if you are just planning to buy leather jackets, pay attention to the spacious elongated models, which are most relevant today. Girls who like to combine jackets with trousers and high-rise jeans can choose a cropped version, but then you need to pay attention to the cut. It must certainly be oversized. A cropped jacket can be worn over long shirts for layering.

Checkered shirt

In addition to a coat in the form of a shirt, in 2021, designers offer to wear more familiar options, only as a top layer. They can be warm, replace a jacket or windbreaker, and also very light. The latter will become the rescue when the temperature approaches summer. Lightweight elongated shirts perfectly complement with shorts, denim mini skirts, silk or satin made slip dresses. The stilish plaid shirt in 2021 has a male cut: straight or slightly "barrel", hips are covered. Such models have come to us since the last season of 2020. Long models have become even more relevant in 2021. Those who are not afraid of experiments can replenish their wardrobe with a knee-length shirt and even a maxi length shirt. Such clothes can be worn not only as a top layer, but also as dresses under the belt.


Slip dress

Dresses in slip style do not leave the fashionable Olympus for a long time. In the spring of 2021, you can afford any length, from mini to maxi. If earlier we wore classic basic colors such as nude, black, white, then in the spring of 2021 printed slip dresses began to gain popularity. The most relevant prints for such dresses are tattoos, small floral ornaments.

What to wear with? Wear a slip dress under a sweater, a massive hoodie. Surely you have seen beautiful photos of bloggers with similar combinations. Fashionable life hack to "put" a sweater on a slip dress effectively is to use a belt. You can shorten the length of the sweater and create additional volume in the upper body with it. The belt must be hidden under the sweater, tucking the excess length into it. Cropped slips, especially made of dense fabrics such as crepe, tweed, denim and leather, can be safely worn on turtlenecks, blouses and t-shirts. You also may choose t-shirts and shirts with a voluminous cut, with puffy and spacious sleeves to put on under dense slip dress.

The midi length dresses are the most popular. They are perfectly combine with massive sneakers, platform sneakers, heels.

Floral dresses

Despite the fact that every spring and summer we are pleased with the abundance of floral dresses, in 2021, designers have given them a special place. A small abstract floral ornament is in style. This is a versatile print that suits all types of figures without deforming the silhouette. How to determine what color is good? Look at the product from a short distance. From a distance it should seem like a dress with small dots or patterns. But large flowers that catch the eye are not relevant in the spring and summer of 2021. A tropical print can be, perhaps, the single exception as it is is back in fashion.

Polka dot dresses

Fashion 2021 echoes the fashion of the 80s, so it is not surprising that peas are back in trend. Small white polka dots on a black and red background, black dot on white backgrround are always present in one quantity on the catwalks In 2021 designers recommend wearing large polka dot clothes. It can be used not only on dresses, but also on suits, jackets, shirts. You should be careful with large and abstract peas, as they look catchy and pretentious. When choosing a dress with large polka dots, complete the look with minimalist shoes, a bag and jewelry.


Classic pants

Classic trousers is an integral part of the wardrobe of any business woman. High-waisted models with tucks, harnesses for a belt are popular as before. For those who are tired of the high waist trend, an alternative is offered. Medium and low fit are back in fashion again, which allows you to choose a product with optimal characteristics for each figure. In the spring of 2021, cropped trousers with a classic cut are in trend. Stylists suggest wearing them not only with shoes and loafers, but also with sports shoes. So, the combination of classic trousers with massive white sneakers, an oversized sports hoodie and a banana bag will look very fresh and original. Plus, it's a great way to wear office clothes in a relaxed setting.

Wide pants

In the spring of 2021, wide, long, straight and flared trousers are in trend. They are recommended to be worn with massive shoes, platform Dr. Martens style boots, sneakers. Admirers of an elegant feminine style can complement them with ankle boots and stiletto pumps. Wide trousers perfectly adjust the silhouette, visually stretch the legs, create the right proportions. And in a set with high-heeled shoes, your legs will look incredibly long and slender.

Pants and jeans bananas

Surely you have already heard that one of the flashy anti-trends of 2021 are skinny jeans, tight-fitting all the charms of their owner. For several years in a row, stylists have been promoting the use of mom jeans. 2021 has pleased fashionistas with a new cut. Banana jeans (or slouchy jeans) differ from mom jeans in a looser fit around the hips and a tapering silhouette down. They are usually high and ultra high waist, with a perfect fit at the waist, a shortened length that opens up the ankle. Thus, they create additional volume in the hips, accentuate the waist and thin ankles. It is best to wear banana jeans and banana trousers with a cropped or fitted top to balance the proportions of the figure. "Bananas" will also help to hide extra centimeters on the legs above the knees, for example, hated hips' ears.


Lace-up platform boots

The high platform boots do not inferior position. If last season we saw a predominantly rubber platform, Dr. Martens like, then in 2021, other foam options with a pronounced tractor sole are gaining momentum.

What to combine with? There are 2 options for creating outfits with lace-up & platform boots:

  • A contrast playing.
  • Single style.

In the first case, wear rough boots with flying feminine dresses, airy skirts, elegant coats.

Grunge and punk style lovers can not dilute the looks, but create them in a single style. You can create a brutal composition with the help of a leather jacket, oversized shirt, kimono dress, etc.

Ankle boots

There were pronounced trends regarding the shape of shoes each previous season. Designers and stylists kept repeating, for example, "a round toe is an anti-trend, you can't wear it." In 2021, fashion is more loyal, so you can choose ankle boots of any shape. And yet, models with a pointed toe look the most stylish. In the new season, it is quite elongated, often supplemented with a metal overlay.

It is necessary to highlight the square cape shape. A square toe shoes always look stylish, restrained, neat.


Many girls all over the world have been waiting for the fashion for ugly shoes to pass. And finally, in 2021, "ugly sneakers" step aside. They are replaced by similar massive, but more restrained and neat models. They do not have flashy details, inscriptions and three-level platforms. Old-school Nike, Reebok, Adidas models are back in fashion. Designers did not deprive those who like to stand out. A separate trend is colorful catchy sneakers that combine 3 or more colors. They will not leave their owner unnoticed.

High top platform sneakers

Most people wear classic Converse-style sneakers every year, so they can be safely attributed to the basic wardrobe. In the spring of 2021, high-top platform sneakers are at the peak of popularity. Even famous brands such as Dior, Chanel, Prada have released such shoe models. Moreover, the platform can be made not only of plain rubber, but also combined, decorated with prints, colors. High-top platform sneakers are quite capable of replacing boots in warmer weather. 

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