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The fashion for women's leggings and tights sometimes subsides, then it is born anew, but this wardrobe item will never completely disappear from the assortment. Every season they undergo changes. Bright leggings with patterns, mesh, geometric print - an echo of the fashion of the 80s and 90s. Leather ones with snakes and buckles have become sporty chic. Classic knitted plain models are always appropriate for playing sports, walking, and active recreation.

What leggings are in trend? Fashion trends

  • Vinyl, latex and leather leggings, and not necessarily black, but bright saturated shades of red, green, blue, yellow. The popular color is silver, as well as other glossy mother-of-pearl tones.

  • Sports leggings . We are not talking about uniforms for the gym, but urban leggings in a sporty style. They are decorated with inscriptions and text print, sewn from contrasting materials, structurally emphasize the relief of the legs. They can be combined with glamorous clothes and heels for extraordinary personalities, with spacious cotton shirts and shoes for lovers of sport chic.

How to wear leggings correctly?

    • Combine leggings with a voluminous sports top, whether it's a t-shirt "from a man's shoulder" or an oversize hoodie.
    • Complement narrow sexy leggings with massive sweaters and pullovers of large knit with loose loops.
    • Combine leggings with long jackets with patches and scuffs in military style under heels or platforms.

    Tips for choosing leggings

    Many women try to avoid this wardrobe item, considering it vulgar and "homely". This is due to the fact that not everyone knows how to combine leggings beautifully and harmoniously. What is needed to make leggings that you like emphasize your advantages and create a fashionable, trendy look?

    • Length. Short girls should avoid shortened products: leggings should be full length, without an open ankle.
    • Material. Only owners of an ideal sporty figure can wear simple leggings made of thin fabric. Thanks to the "second skin" effect, the product can treacherously emphasize even the smallest wrinkles, disproportion and cellulite. To avoid this, you need to choose tights made of dense material that can hide small flaws. As for sportswear, there are special tight leggings that form the right proportions and allow a girl to feel confident during training.
    • Cut. High-rise leggings with a wide waistband will look best. Low and medium fit can create creases in the waist area even for thin women.
    • Print. Curvy beauties are recommended dark colors: black, khaki, marsala, dark gray, blue. Ideally, without a print. If you really want to, let the drawing be as small and uniform as possible. Skinny girls can experiment with any patterns and colors. The main thing to remember is that the bigger and brighter the print, the more it visually increases the volume and attracts attention.
    • Size. A frequent mistake when choosing leggings is the wrong size. After all, a product that fits too tightly not only distorts the figure, but also makes its owner feel uncomfortable. Even thin tights should sit freely: snug without folds, but not tight. The only case when tights can create a little pressure on the skin - tight sports models. This is done in order to remove excess pressure from the muscles during training.
    • Combination. Leggings by themselves are not intended to be worn as an independent item of clothing. They absolutely cannot be combined with a tight-fitting top (we are talking about a walking, not a sports version). A tight bottom should be offset by extra volume on top. For an urban style, you can wear leggings with a T-shirt, sweatshirt, bomber jacket and even a sweater. It is very important to remember that the top should cover the middle of the buttocks. This rule can be excluded if you wear leggings made of thick material, with laces, pockets, zippers: all those elements that are on regular jeans or trousers.
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