Sports suit shop online in Ukraine

To order and buy a high-quality and fashionable women's sports suit is not an easy task. Modern fashion trends are aimed at making a woman feel comfortable, while looking stylish and well-groomed. A tracksuit is musthave in the wardrobe, regardless of the direct purpose, whether it is a uniform for the gym or clothes for a nature outing.

How to choose a women's sports suit?

First of all, decide on the purpose of clothing. The sports suit for sports and for an evening walk have huge differences in fabric and style.

· Sports suit/sets for fitness.

This is a set of elastic, resistant to frequent washing fabrics. As a rule, it is presented in the form of leggings and top (top / longsleeve/ t-shirt). When buying, note that the kit should sit on the figure, but not restrict movement. The maximum adherence of fabric to skin provides support of muscles at loading. At the same time, too tight a suit limits the amplitude of movements when performing exercises, so the elasticity of the fabric and the right size play an important role.

· Suit for sports.

There are many sports, some require special equipment. In our online store you can buy a tracksuit for running, training in the gym. A set of sports pants and a top (t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, skinny ones) is suitable for running. Depending on a woman's complexion and preferences, you can choose a fitted or loose style. The fabric of this suit contains enough elastane not to restrict movement, as well as enough synthetic fibers to extend the life of the cloth. Choosing a natural cotton suit for training is a bad idea, because it will quickly become covered with spools during frequent washing, as well as in places of friction.

· Homewear sports suit.

This is a convenient option for casual wear. It can be both basic monophonic, and decorative, for example with sequins, an embroidery, lace, made of a combined material. You can buy a sports suit for the house based on personal preferences. The main nuance is comfort. You should not buy a very tight one, because the body needs rest after a hard working day. In the cold season, you can stop at a knitted tracksuit, which will not only warm up, but also add a special home charm. Proper care will extend the life of the product, because woolen things require careful wearing and delicate washing.

· Vacation sport suit/set.

This category includes clothing items that girls take with them when traveling, in trips. This set should be comfortable and beautiful. A huge variation of design proposals allows you to choose a suit for your style and lifestyle.

· Casual sports suit.

Fashion designers offer to wear a sports suit as casual clothing outside the home. Every year the fashion for fabrics and styles changes. For example, in 2015-2016, velvet and velour were at the peak of popularity. Silk suits became a hit in the summer of 2016. This thing looks great with a swimsuit on vacation, and as an evening summer option for going out into the city. Silk flows on the body, allows air to circulate - ideal for hot weather. In 2018, the trend was casual suits with short pants and sweatshirts, with stripes, made of natural fabrics. 2021 dictates new rules: topical tracksuits with full-length pants, as well as wide models of palazzo. 2022 encourages free forms and comfort (this trend will not leave us for sure). In today's world, a sports suit is suitable not only for recreation at the resort, but also for everyday women's affairs: shopping, walking around the city, visiting beauty salons and more. An casual sports suit is required for this use.

Knitted suits made of acrylic and wool have become an extremely fashionable trend among sports "city" suits. The angora suit is ideal for home. In a luxurious velvet sports suit it is quite possible to perform everyday women's affairs, while it will be comfortable and extremely elegant, because the velvet fabric always looks solid and elegant.

In the cold season you will need a quilted sports or ski suit. It not only replaces ordinary outerwear, but also practical and comfortable to wear. The jacket can be worn separately, combined with other things.

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