Once upon a time, in ancient times, when the world was full of secrets and dreams, people were looking for a way to protect themselves from nightmares. They believed that at night, when the soul rests, dreams inspire both good and evil prophecies. Ancient people felt the need to protect themselves from negative energies from the other world. Then, with the help of wise craftsmen, a magical craft was born - the creation of Dreamcatchers. These magical amulets had the ability to catch negative dreams and keep only positive ones. Their beauty and power lay in the carefully woven hoop, in which natural threads and stones were woven, symbolizing goodness and harmony.

Originally, Dreamcatchers were used in homes above the bed to protect sleepers from evil dreams. Over time, their use spread to other areas of life. People began to buy small Dreamcatchers that fit in their pockets or bags as talismans and jewelry to have protection at hand.

With the development of road transport, there was a need for protection from negative energies while traveling. That's how Dreamcatchers for cars appeared, which could be bought and installed on the rear mirror. These amulets became not only protection, but also a decoration for the car.

The Dreamcatcher became not only a guardian against negative events, but also a symbol of spirituality and harmony. It has become a talisman that helps to find peace and balance in the soul.

Today you can buy a Dreamcatcher with natural stones that give you extra energy and strength. These magical amulets will become reliable companions on your way, protecting you from negative influences and filling your life with positive and harmony. Let the Dreamcatcher become your faithful protector and companion in all your life's journeys!

Types of dreamcatchers: assortment

Each dreamcatcher in our assortment is a unique talisman that not only decorates your space, but also has special properties. Using natural stones and symbols, we create dreamcatchers that attract harmony, protect against negative energy, and promote spiritual connection with nature.

Each element of our dreamcatchers has its own esoteric meaning. They are intertwined with the symbolism of ancient cultures and are distinguished by their unique energy, which helps to create an atmosphere of comfort and harmony in your home.

Our range of Dreamcatchers is a wide selection of magical amulets that will help you maintain harmony and positivity in your life. All our products are handcrafted using natural materials to give each Dreamcatcher a special energy and power.

  • Little Dreamcatchers: These charms are perfect for your home and car. They are compact and stylish, can be placed above the bed or on the car mirror to protect you from negative energies even when traveling.
  • Dreamcatchers with natural stones: Each amulet in this collection is complemented by natural stones that give additional energy and strength. Discover the magical power of crystals such as amethyst, tiger's eye, gossamer, which attract positive energy and harmony.
  • Dreamcatchers with symbols: These amulets are adorned with powerful symbols such as the tree of life, mandala, or runic signs that have deep spiritual meanings. They will help you find a connection with the cosmos and attract positive and important events into your life.
  • Interior Dreamcatchers: These large, irregularly shaped amulets will not only protect you from negative dreams, but also be an impressive element of your home decor. They will create an atmosphere of peace and harmony, filling your space with positive energy.

On the Simona Polagina website, you can buy a handmade dream catcher inexpensively for every taste. Let each Dreamcatcher you choose become your faithful protector and companion in all the journeys of your life!


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