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Comfortable and practical sweatshirts in a sports style are a must-have in the wardrobe of every fashionista. Today, women's sweatshirts are not just an element of everyday clothing, but also a fashion trend. Sport chic, swag, casual styles cannot do without them.

The sweatshirt was originally intended for sports, but it has moved on and firmly rooted in the everyday wardrobe. It combines elements of a sweater and a hoodie. Model with a round neck, raglan sleeves (missing connecting seam), without hood and fasteners. The sleeves of the product are finished with elastic rubber band. The actual sweatshirt has a dropped shoulder seam and an oversize silhouette. The classic version has a triangular seam under the neck, but modern models may be sewn without it. There are lightweight knitted and cotton versions, winter versions are with lining, on fleece.

Fashionable sweatshirts for women

  • Fashionable sweatshirt has a loose oversize cut. It does not constrain movements, does not tighten arms. The model can be cropped, with an elastic or lacing close to the waist, but the overall silhouette is free and relaxed.
  • Focus on the trendy colors of the season. In the new year, it's gray, yellow, blue, pistachio, swamp, khaki, all nude pastel tones. Basic gray, black, white sweatshirts are a choice outside of fashion and trends.
  • Boiled denim is back in fashion, followed by the degradation effect, tie-dye (hippie style), patterns and splashes on the fabric. If you're tired of monochromatic standard options, why not experiment with colors and prints?
  • The length ranges from short models that barely cover the chest to floor-length maxi dresses, but always with a spacious cut. Please note, no fitted models and silhouette leaks!
  • A variety of decor and patchwork is welcome: prints, drawings, patches, feathers, applications. Monochrome basic models are always relevant.
  • Models with inscriptions and slogans will make you stand out as a witty, memorable personality. The most common universal option in black with white text suits everyone.

Most sweatshirts are made of looped cotton jersey. Lighter options are two-threaded cotton, warm options are three-threaded on fleece. A light sweatshirt is suitable for autumn, spring and even a cool summer evening. To give the fabric wear resistance and elasticity, synthetic fibers are added to the composition. A high-quality plain sweatshirt has 20-25% synthetics in the composition. In the case of printed versions, the amount of impurities can reach 50%. We do not recommend choosing completely synthetic sweatshirts, because they will quickly become covered with coils and will be unpleasant to wear.

How to wear a sweatshirt?

  1. Sweatshirts are easily combined with different clothes: jeans, trousers, skirts without being tied to the season. Fashion is no longer so conservative, so you can wear them even under stilettos.
  2. A cropped sweatshirt looks stylish with high-rise items: shorts, skinny and mom jeans. In tandem with leggings and skirts, you can get interesting looks. Designers recommend to complement such looks with ugly shoes.
  3. A voluminous sweatshirt can be combined with fitted trousers or skinny jeans to create an actual silhouette. Do not choose the top and bottom equally voluminous or adjacent, if you want to create the correct proportions of the figure.

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