Fashionable women's watches shop online in Ukraine

In the world of modern fashion, a women's watch is not just a functional mechanism for displaying the time, but a full-fledged accessory that makes a significant contribution to the oufit. Do not underestimate its importance! Despite the fact that you can always find out the time from a smartphone, nothing can replace the charm created by a watch. They look elegant on a thin female wrist, and act as a spectacular finish to the look. Please note that you need to wear the watch after the look is completely ready.
The concept of the Simona Polagina site is "a watch as a fashion accessory", so we present stylish and inexpensive models that are relevant in a particular season. From us you can buy a fashionable women's watch for summer, for business and everyday look at a low price. We guarantee prompt dispatch.

What models of watches are in trend?

Marble watches
A watch with a marble design, imitation of quartz, granite, texture of other natural stones on the dial looks stylish and expensive.
Silicon watches
Comfortable and practical models made of this material are durable and long-lasting. They are almost not felt on the hand, light, pleasant to the body. There are options in a wide variety of colors, as well as transparent.
Sports watches
Sports are actively promoted in the world, so accessories of this style are very popular. A sports watch is successfully combined with sneakers, flip flops, suitable for informal everyday looks.
Bright colours watches
A watch that attracts attention as a separate item. These are the fashion designers in the new year. Red, light green, yellow - choose rich, bright shades. They are ideal for summer, when the kingdom of colors is raging in clothes.
Unisex watches
Laconic muscular models suitable for both men and women. On a thin girl's wrist, they look rough, which emphasizes the fragility of the fairer half of the sex. They are suitable for classic style and for looks with a current oversize cut.

How to choose a wristwatch?

  • Watches in a minimalist or classic style, without unnecessary details, in monochrome black, gold, silver, white colors are suitable for everyday wear.
  • A massive women's watch in a unisex style is in fashion. They fit harmoniously into urban and casual looks.
  • You can choose a beautiful watch with rhinestones, stones, rivets and other decorations to create a bright and elegant outfit.
  • For the summer, when bright colors prevail in the wardrobe, you can buy a women's watch with a blue, pink, red, gold dial. They will look appropriate, make you a bright personality. In the hot season, it is convenient to wear models with fabric straps. Now you can find many varieties of watches: with a round, square, rectangular dial, with a leather, metal, fabric, braided strap, a bracelet made of beads, and others.
  • The most practical and inexpensive remain the metal models, which are characterized by good wear resistance and impact resistance.
  • Miniature watches look elegant. They look neat and elegant on a woman's hand.
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