Women's boots buy online in Ukraine

In the cold season, we need warm and comfortable demi-season shoes, among which women's boots are in the first place. Unlike high boots, this is a universal option to combine with pants, jeans, skirts and dresses.

Which shoes to choose?

Lace-up boots
Lace-up boots are more relevant than ever. This decorative element gives the shoe stiffness and muscularity. The famous martinis and variations on this theme are back in fashion and have won the hearts of fashionistas around the world. Flat sole and platform models are in trend. Lace-up boots in the style of Martens effectively complement the look in urban casual and sporty chic styles. Height varies from low ankle boots to knee-high models. Another feature of lacing should be noted is it allows you to adjust the fullness of the leg, which is very important for women with non-standard parameters. For ease of wearing, modern lace-up boots are complemented by a zipper on the inside of the product.
Lacquered boots
Patent leather gives the shoes sophistication and elegance. Even rough men's models made of patent leather look noble and bright. Different colors are in fashion, from rich red, blue to basic dark shades. Reptile style is also in trend. Smooth glossy options look festive and romantic.
Sports boots
Sports-style boots are a great alternative to insulated sneakers. Massive platform models with wide laces are in trend. They are perfectly combined with everyday looks, comfortable for everyday wear.
High boots
Fashionable ankle boots are boots with a high heel, in the new season decorated with lacing along the entire length. Designers present products from combined materials, with an asymmetric top, satin and velvet ribbons. These shoes are best worn with skirts and dresses. Dark basic colors prevail.
Heeled boots
Boots with heels are a must-have in the wardrobe of every fashionista. They combined the best qualities of boots and shoes, while being more versatile in the selection of clothes. For working days, it is better to buy boots with a thick, wide heel, which, in addition to everything else, slims and visually lengthens the legs. A variety of decor is welcome - stones, rhinestones, spikes, spraying, wood texture, embroidery.
Platform boots
Platform boots are comfortable, make you taller and slimmer. A rough platform, made of rubber, as in army shoes is in fashion. It can be transparent, with splashes, patterns, stripes. A white platform in combination with a black top looks incredibly stylish.
Flat boots
Flat boots are the choice of a self-confident woman who prefers comfort. This season, rough models with tractor soles, similar to men's, prevail. They allow you to play on the contrast in a set with a delicate dress, a skirt made of airy fabric. Models without heels are undoubtedly a success due to their convenience. In suede, they look more elegant, in leather - brutal and defiant. As a rule, they are supplemented with laces, buckles, metal inserts.
Boots with buckles
Various buckles adorn the fashionable boots of the new season. It can be one laconic detail or numerous belts, textile and metal, reminiscent the shoes of informal communities.
Boots with spikes
Brutal decor in the form of spikes emphasizes the ambition of its owner. Models with spikes are successfully combined with clothes in a casual style. Spiked shoes look catchy and fastidious, so you should choose laconic outfits for them. You can complement the look with similar accessories, for example, a belt, a bag. You also need to take into account the length of the clothes, for example, a long dress, a skirt made of light material, easily damaged by metal elements.
Transparent boots
Boots with transparent inserts made of silicone or completely made of this unusual material are the squeal of fashion. Designers recommend wearing them with bright printed socks. Artificial material based on polymers is not limited in colors, so silicone, rubber shoes can be any shade with a gradient, colorful patterns. They are best suited for cool autumn and spring weather, they do not get wet, so they provide excellent protection against rain.

Assortment of boots in our store

  • Women's leather boots in the Simona Polagina online store are distinguished by high-quality material, sewn by the best factories. We cooperate with Italian and Ukrainian manufacturers.
  • Winter leather boots for girls and women are developed taking into account adverse weather conditions, so as not to lose their attractive appearance and quality characteristics in frost and slush. Women's winter shoes should be durable, practical and, of course, fashionable and beautiful. We follow global trends and try to offer our customers the most relevant styles.
  • We have a wide variety of demi-season women's shoes on our website. Spring shoes, as a rule, have more decorative elements. Women's autumn boots are intended for dry and rainy weather, they are plain, combined, colored. They can be made of natural/artificial leather, suede, nubuck, elastane, velvet and other shoe materials. Our online shoe store offers fashionable models with and without heels, platform, flat and tractor soles.
You can order boots in the online store of women's clothing, shoes and accessories Simona Polagina cheeply. Buying women's shoes from us means making a choice in favor of quality, fashionable design, style and practicality. We deliver orders to many countries around the world.