Women's fur coats to buy in Ukraine

A fur coat is a traditional element of outerwear for women living in the middle geographical area. It protects against frost, wind, and also gives a woman a special charm and shine. Every year, designers offer a new vision of fashionable fur coats that are relevant in a particular season.

Fashion fur coats: current trends

Classic fur coat
Fur coats with a classic cut are always relevant and in demand. A model with a straight cut of medium length or just below the knee can be slightly silhouetted or loose. For sewing classic fur coats, short fur is used - mink, mouton. Color solutions in the new year are diverse: from natural black, brown, gray shades to bright non-traditional ones (red, mint, emerald, wine).
Fur coat patchwork
The peculiarity of the sewing technology is the cutting of a whole skin of fur into thin strips that are tightly stitched together. The product cut in this way is durable, durable, looks expensive and solid.
Fur coat
The indisputable trend of the new season is a fur coat. Length from mid-thigh to maxi. They are sewn mainly from artificial materials. Winter models are supplemented with insulation, as in down jackets (syntepon, down, silicone). A demi-season fur coat looks no less stylish. Noble beige, brick, blue, gray shades are in fashion. This trend is successfully used in the style of street casual and sporty chic. A fur coat looks great with sneakers and trainers.
Two-sided fur coat
An interesting combination of a down jacket and a fur coat in one product. The side with fur can be worn both inside and outside. Extremely practical model for different weather. You can wear it as a down jacket in the slush, as a fur coat on a dry, frosty day.
Oversized fur coat
Free cut in outerwear is successful and fur coats are no exception. It is not surprising, because under the spacious model you can wear your favorite oversize sweater, a massive hoodie with a hood. This style emphasizes the grace and fragility of an elegant female figure. It is recommended for thin and medium-sized girls.

What to wear a fur coat with?

  • Short fur coats from the waist to the middle of the thigh look great with high-rise jeans. Convenience and comfort are in the first place, so be sure to choose a model that does not expose parts of the body. The minimum length is slightly below the waist. A short fur coat also looks good with a dress, a skirt with heels. The combination with boots is better for young girls. Remember that the color of the jeans should be close to the color of the high boots, so as not to make sharp divisions of your figure. In combination with a mini skirt or shorts, you can get an elegant look that is suitable for informal events.
  • The length of the midi is incredibly stylishly combined with sports clothes and shoes. It is the average length that is most popular with famous bloggers. In the new year, there are no strict restrictions on the combination with other clothes. It is permissible to wear a midi fur coat with a long dress, which will look from under outerwear. In combination with a short one, you can demonstrate the beauty of your legs.
  • Wear a long fur coat with ankle boots or high boots. Choose contrasting shoes to make a spectacular accent.
Natural fur products made from fox, mink, fox, black fox, llama are an undeniable indicator of nobility and ability. Nevertheless, there is a worldwide trend to reduce the use of animal fur in women's clothing.
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