Women's hats shop online in Ukraine

Buying a fashionable women's hat is the right decision for autumn and winter. Probably, many of us thought that you look much more attractive without a hat and more than once endured the cold weather "for the sake of beauty". So, you just had the wrong accessory! The modern fashion market offers a huge selection of headdresses and it cannot be the case that none of them will suit you, you just haven't found your style and shape yet.
The Simona Polagina women's clothing, shoes and accessories online store presents a headwear section with a diverse assortment, so that you can not only buy a hat for warmth, but also choose an accessory that will suit your face, style, outfit.

Women's hats: which models are in trend?

Among hats, the first place of honor is occupied by beanie hats or "cap-socks", which come in absolutely all shades of the rainbow, which allows you to choose a product to match a coat, jacket, down jacket or fur coat, and perhaps create the desired contrast. You can buy an inexpensive black, red, white, blue beanie hat in Ukraine on the Simona Polagina website at a reasonable price.
Knitted hat. 
In second place, after the universal but unimaginative basic models, there are beautiful voluminous knitting hats: made of merino wool, fluffy voluminous mohair hats in the fashionable "takora" style. Handmade woolen hats with vintage patterns, in the "grandmother's" style, have gained unprecedented popularity.
Scarves and showls.
Frosty and windy weather requires not only a hat, but also a scarf. You can choose a complete set, or combine different models together. Powerful long scarves with fringes are in fashion. Eternal colors: cell, stripe, rhombus, houndstooth. Choose a model in monochrome shades, combining black, white, beige, red colors. They look harmoniously with long coats and semi-sporty down jackets. Scarfs with inscriptions and slogans will suit the modern youth style.

Louis Vuitton cashmere stoles, which can be bought in our online store in all shades of the rainbow, are especially popular. The demand for them does not go away because it is a classic feminine accessory with many uses. It can be worn not only as a scarf, but also as a cape or poncho.

Women's caps

A distinctive feature of the cap is the presence of a visor. There are different interpretations in modern fashion.
A cap with a voluminous top and a medium-sized visor is often associated with the French style. Can be worn straight or slightly to the side, in combination with a coat, an elongated jacket.
Originally from riding gear, characterized by a rounded top and a small visor. It looks aristocratic and feminine. Suitable for classic and elegant style.
"Hooligan" cap
It is distinguished by an elongated upper part that smoothly transitions into a small visor. Effectively complements the look with a trouser suit, a trench coat.
It has a large square visor and a cylindrical tull. In the new season, products made of leather, wool, and tweed are relevant. These caps are perfectly combined with street style, casual, military images.
Peak cap.
The product is distinguished by the height of the fit on the head and the dense visor, it looks more brutal, compared to other models. The cap should be worn with leather cloaks and jackets, platform shoes.
Rapper's cap.
Cap with a straight long visor, a common attribute of youth subcultures. Popular models with inscriptions, slogans, logos, patches and rivets. You can find a less sporty option, for example, with lace and rhinestones.
Baseball cap.
The classic sports cap is very popular in the new season. It is recommended to be used in everyday urban looks, under jeans, coats, cardigans, shirts and hoodies.

Women's hats: types and features

Hats are a classic feminine option of headdresses. They are winged, with narrow, straight or curved edges, hard or soft. Still, the hat gives the outfit a special character. Styles in men's classic style, made of felt, felt and wool are in trend now.
Classic hat
A hat made of a dense material that retains its shape, for example, wool, felt. Small model with rounded edges. The top can be both rounded and slightly pressed or beveled from the sides.
Hippie hat
A product with smooth lines: a rounded body, the fields form a light wave. They can be demi-season and summer, made of felt or straw. Despite the name, the model does not have a strict inclination to a certain direction, it goes well with romantic, business and elegant sets.
Retro hat
Bell hat with soft narrow brim and rounded top. Looks feminine in combination with coats, dresses.
Summer hats
Straw beach hats occupy special attention among accessories for summer vacation. In the summer massive winged hats with raw edges, air and lace ribbons are relevant. For those who are not ready for such a noticeable style, laconic canoes are suitable - small hats with round brims of a rigid shape. They can be worn not only at sea, but also at home and combine with summer outfits: light dresses made of cotton, lace, linen, shorts and shirts, trouser suits.
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