Women's sweaters. Trends 2022-2023

Sweaters and turtlenecks are an integral part of the wardrobe in the cold season. In recent years, trends have remained almost unchanged, only details have been added. But in the new year 2023, new variations of this familiar item of clothing await us. Which? More details in this article.

Color mix 

Bright colors broke into fashion a long time ago. Currently, plain sweaters and pullovers of bright colors will look stylish, but there is a tendency to mix various colors in one product. This should not be a print, but a pattern, knitted of colored threads. You should buy a colored sweater with a pattern if you are not afraid of experiments. Bright rhombuses, stripes, abstractions, flower compositions, thematic images add an interesting vibe to the sweater. Of course, the combination with other clothing should be balanced.

Basic sweaters

A basic sweater is a wardrobe item, usually plain, in black, beige, milky, white color. Such a sweater has a very simple cut, looser or more regular as desired. The knitting can be standard (front/back loop), usually not large enough, but not small either. Most often, basic models are patternless. The neckline can be rounded, triangular, or with a stand-up high collar.

Very voluminous models are less relevant, but keep in mind that there should be air between the sweater and the skin. It will provide comfort and warmth. You can buy a basic women's sweater inexpensively in the Simona Polagina online store.

Fine knitwear jersey sweater

You may have noticed that influencers and opinion leaders are increasingly wearing fine knit sweaters. No matter how popular oversized is, things are changing. We still wear chunky sweaters, but fine knit jumpers are competing. They are more compact, great for creating multi-layered looks, and certainly comfortable.

Pay attention to the composition. If you can add a t-shirt or vest under a voluminous sweater, women's fine knitted sweaters are worn right on skin. The composition should include cotton, elastane, wool. A small amount of acrylic and other synthetic mass is acceptable and even desirable. So the sweater will be worn longer. For a thin sweater, it is better if it is either completely cotton or wool with no more than 20-30% synthetics.

Women's turtleneck

Turtlenecks are tight-fitting sweaters with a fine knit. The neck can be high or moderately stiff. For winter, it is better to choose a high collar that rolls up. This is a basic clothing. Now there are no restrictions on colors, but turtleneck look better in a single color. It can be bright yellow, red, green, blue. A small stripe is allowed from prints, but it all depends on the fit. If the print stretches badly on the figure, it is better to abandon such a thing. The basic patterns include dots (peas), a very small floral print. Usually, such turtlenecks are not knitted, but made of elastic double thread, viscose, etc.

Cardigan as a sweater

Recently, stylists suggest wearing a regular cardigan over underwear or tops as a sweater. Such cardigans do not have deep necklines, so they look more than appropriate. Buttons add an interesting look to the knitted product. And of course, such a cardigan can be worn not only as a sweater, but also for its intended purpose. Women's cardigans in rhombuses, anchor abstractions, with inscriptions are in trend. Length: crop, standard, elongated models. Long midi cardigans, just above the knee, are not in trend now.