Basic shoes for summer 2021

Summer is a special time for fashionistas, when you can stand out, use bright colors and all sorts of stylizations. Summer shoes are an important part of the wardrobe. Unlike other seasons, in the hot season, girls wear a minimal amount of clothes, so shoes attract more attention.

What shoes to buy for the summer of 2021 to be stylish? Let's consider the main trends in more detail in this article using the examples of fashion magazines, influencers, street style, Pinterest.

What is a base? These are the things that remain in trend and do not go out of fashion for a long time. By purchasing all-fit current styles, you are making a profitable investment for several years or more.

1. Loafers with a small steady heel

Closed-toe loafers are good for warm but not hot weather. These are exactly the shoes that are easy to introduce into a business style. Unlike today's trendy derbies and loafers with platform and tractor soles, loafers with a small heel fit well with an elegant style. Due to the small stable heel, these shoes are suitable for every day wearing. Heel height varies from 2 to 6 cm. Choose a model, focusing on convenience and taste.

An additional advantage of loafers is the ability to wear low socks or footprints, and they will not be visible. If you don’t like classic combinations, you can safely add high bright socks and make the look more catchy and remarkable. Loafers with stable low heels are easy to combine with jeans, trousers, dresses. This model is better not to be worn with shorts and overalls.

Many of these shoe models will be relevant for a few more seasons at least.

2. Sporty sandals

If a couple of years ago, sports sandals were something unusual and a fashion trend, at the moment they have firmly entered the wardrobe of a modern fashionista, like comfortable everyday basic shoes. Such models are suitable for those who prefer a relaxed comfortable style. Sports style sandals are an alternative to sneakers for hot weather. They are easily combined with tracksuits (both trouser and shorts), sundresses, overalls, jeans.

Shock-absorbing sole provides comfortable walking. Sandals in sports style are suitable not only as comfortable shoes for the city, but also for hiking, outdoors hobbies. Moreover, in 2021, you can safely wear sports socks with them, preferably high ones.

3. Pointed-toe ballet flats

Ballerinas with pointed toe are a kind of classic that never goes out of style. Models made of genuine leather and suede are perfect for the summer. These shoes are soft, sit well on the leg, allow the skin to breathe. This shoe option is suitable for those who love romantic style. Ballerinas with a pointed toe without heels or with a small, stable heel will go well with light dresses.

4. Thin straps sandals

For several seasons in a row, we see a trend for elegant sandals with sophisticated harnesses and ties. Such models most often come in medium heels, but can also be flat. As a base, you can choose sandals in beige, white, black, brown color. If you already have shoes of similar colors in your wardrobe, in the summer of 201 you can safely take a new pair in bright colors: fuchsia, yellow, green, orange.

5. Slippers

Of course, no summer is complete without comfortable and practical slippers. As a base, you should buy a concise version of leather, suede or nubuck in black, brown, beige, flesh. Such a pair will last at least a few seasons. For a romantic and more elegant outings, you can get slippers with heels. Such models act as an alternative to sandals, only without the straps in the heel area. It is better to combine them in romantic looks with dresses and skirts, and choose a pair without heels under shorts.

What flip flops are stylish in 2021? Choose models with a stitch of any shape, weaving in the form of braids and checkers, simple neutral options without decor. If we are talking about the base, then the basic slippers do not have decorative elements. As an exception, there may be a small chain or a neat metal buckle. As for beach options, beads, embroidery, tassels and other decor will be quite appropriate on vacation.

6. Mules

Mules are an elegant alternative to flip-flops. They have a closed cape, so they are more versatile in combinations, suitable not only for relaxed looks. The toe can be pointed, triangular, square. For everyday wear, it is better to choose a model with a heel not higher than 3 cm. Mules + jeans = a classic combination for many years.

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