Fashion during the war in Ukraine

No one has written anything like this before. And didn't. What can fashion be like in wartime, you think? Unfortunately, Ukraine faced an unspeakable horror. But life goes on, and fashion always adapts to the present. In this article, we will try to show what is worth buying for the fall of 2022 during the war in Ukraine.

We have already told you about the general global trends in the world of women's fashion in the previous article, but the reality of a Ukrainian woman is significantly different from the everyday life of a French or American woman at the moment. If you were planning to buy something new for the fall, we offer you a list of smart and adequate wardrobe investments.

Hoodie or sweatshirt

When it gets cooler, but you can't even think about a sweater or golf shirt, a hoodie or a sweatshirt comes to the rescue, depending on your preferences. These things are perfectly combined with jeans, trousers, and this year it will not even be superfluous to combine them with a skirt. Or buy a hoodie and a skirt set if you prefer. For moving, solving everyday tasks in the mode of constant air alarms, it is advisable to choose a hoodie with a hood, you can have it with or without zipper. In autumn, the weather is capricious, so you can accidentally get stuck somewhere in line and get caught in the rain. And here is the hood, you can even wear it with a cap or beanie, a great solution for everyday wear, when the weather is cranky and urgent matters need to be resolved.


What could be more comfortable than a tracksuit? Considering the events, every girl should have a high-quality women's tracksuit. These clothes do not require effort to combine with shoes, it is enough to put on trainers. In the colder season, you can even wear it with boots, for example, Chelsea boots. The main thing is that the shoes should be of a sporty or relaxed style, then they will not conflict with the clothes.

What women's sports suit to choose for autumn 2022? For warmer weather, a set made of cotton knitwear without insulation is suitable. The top can be presented as a hoodie or sweatshirt. If you need a sports suit for traveling or moving, it is better to choose a top with zipper. The zipper hoodie can always be unzipped or zipped up depending on the weather, and the hood will protect against precipitation.

This year, our online store can please you with a good selection of three-piece tracksuits consisting of pants, hoodies and tops. A three-piece suit solves the problem of "what to wear underneath." Usually girls choose t-shirts, but the wardrobe may not find a suitable one for your new suit. By the way, a t-shirt or silhouette top perfectly compensates for the voluminous cut of a tracksuit and adds femininity. And how many different combinations can you create with three things from one set? Don't even count! We are convinced that a comfortable sports suit should be at hand for every Ukrainian woman, at least for home, quick movement around the city, travel, resettlement, rest.

For colder weather, it is better to choose a suit with fleece insulation. In our assortment, you will find various options in terms of color, design, and cut. If you need an outerwear set but don't like the hood, there are plenty of options with hoodless sweatshirts.

Pants suit

If you are safe and continue to work, and your job requires a dress code that may not be strict enough, a pantsuit is the perfect solution. A modern women's trouser suit is distinguished by a loose cut, an elongated jacket, trousers with a fit at the waist or at the level of the ankles. The length of the pants can be full or slightly shortened. If you buy a trouser suit with cropped trousers, it can be combined with both loafers and boots, and for casual looks with sneakers.

Wide palazzos as part of a trouser suit also look very nice. It is best to combine such a bottom with rough shoes, brogues or sneakers. The suit jacket should hold its shape. It is better if the jacket has a lining, which is unoptional for lightweight options. If you don't need to follow a dress code, but want to add a comfortable and stylish set to your wardrobe, you can buy a pantsuit with a shirt. Like the jacket, the shirt is easy to combine with other looks, for example with jeans and even skirts.

Why a trouser suit? Because it is convenient, appropriate, you can create many combinations if you need to quickly get on the road. Taking into account the topic of our article, we do not add a skirt suit to the list, but please note that skirt sets are in global trends.

Jacket or lightweight down jacket

Autumn is usually the time to admire the beauty of leaves and take photos in coats. But as it is, there are nuances: the coat needs attention in care, it is difficult to put in a suitcase, it is easy to get dirty. If you are looking for something practical, then pay attention to the autumn down jackets and puffer jackets made of waterproof fabric. They are easy to clean, you can let air out and fold them without a significant loss of space, they are convenient to take with you. Jackets or autumn down jackets do not have to be dark. Vice versa. Bright saturated colors are in trend. Given that the jacket is easier to care for, you can even wash it at home, so why limit yourself in choosing a cheerful color? 

Not worth it. Although Panton has its own versions, we can assume that it is in Ukraine that jackets in colors will be in demand. Of course, blue, light blue and yellow. Shades and saturation of colors may vary. And maybe you will even find ready-made patriotic proposals, if you like.

Jeans and trousers

These wardrobe items are always needed. If you are planning to update your wardrobe with new jeans, pay attention to classic moms with a high fit (can be slightly shortened or full length), wide palazzos and skinnies. In terms of convenience, skinny ones will win. If you choose the right size and fit, elastic skinnies will become your go-to item for everyday activities. Medium and low-rise jeans are in fashion now. If you need a thing to create trendy looks, choose current offers. But if you choose jeans for convenience, it is better to buy modern classics - with a high fit. Jeans and high-rise trousers will protect the lower back from the wind. It may even happen that you have to go down to the subway, so trendy models lose to basic ones in military conditions.

Perhaps this information will be useful. Of course, the Simona Polagina online store offers the latest novelties, but now you need to pay attention to the practicality and expediency of purchases. If you live in safe conditions, the assortment includes luxurious dresses, coats, and various trendy tops and blouses. We will definitely talk about the latest trends.

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Keep yourselves!

Everything will be Ukraine!