Obsidian genuine stone bracelet

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A braided bracelet made of natural Obsidian stone fascinates with charm and mysterious power. Since ancient times, our ancestors used natural minerals in magical practices and for the purpose of beautifying themselves. Now is quite difficult to combine ancient traditions and a modern way of life. We have created bracelets made of natural stones that fit comfortably on the hand, do not interfere with working at the computer or writing, as long as the stones are located only on the front side. A waterproof cord is used for weaving. It is very durable, does not flake off from intensive use. And of course, it is necessary to note the energy properties of the natural material Obsidian.

Obsidian bracelet, features:

  • The stone is black with green veins and light iridescence
  • The width is adjustable by tightening
  • The diameter of the stone is 10 mm
  • Moisture-resistant, wear-resistant waxed cord
  • Natural stone (authenticity verified)
  • It goes with everything (even bohemian looks, even under a tracksuit and jeans)

Obsidian is a stone of volcanic nature, formed from solidified lava.

Magic properties: Obsidian

  • Stress relief;
  • Clearing thoughts and consciousness during meditation;
  • Eliminating negativity;
  • Reflection of bad wishes of the addressee;
  • Help in the realization of goals, achieving the desired;
  • Attracting changes in life;
  • Increasing concentration of attention and insight, which contributes to a better understanding of the essence of things and predicting events.