Jade bracelet

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Bracelet from jade, characteristics:

  • Handmade
  • Adjustable length
  • The diameter of the stone is 12 mm
  • Waterproof cord (you can wet the decoration)
  • Natural stones

Nephritis is a stone of eternity, wisdom/ According to the Eastern tradition it is the mineral of the sky and earth. It has powerful healing properties. Due to green, it symbolizes development, growth in all life areas, including financial. Stone of improvement and personal development.

Suitable for harmonization of Anahata cardiac chakra.

Jade, magical property:

  • nurtures courage, will, strength of the spirit, stability;
  • provides strength and energy;
  • increases the concentration of attention;
  • creates inner harmony;
  • teaches to find a way out of problem situations;
  • It is recommended for people who are now dissatisfied with their own lives.