Howlite genuine stone bracelet

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We present to you a collection of handmade jewelry made of natural stones. A practical and comfortable Howlit bracelet will be a great addition to casual or boho looks. Fits perfectly on the wrist, waterproof, practical. Compared to jewelry on a thread or rubber band, it is much more durable. The stones are located on the front side so as not to interfere when working at the computer or writing.

Howlit natural stone bracelet, features:

  • The width is adjustable by tightening
  • The diameter of the stone is 12 mm
  • Moisture-resistant, wear-resistant waxed cord
  • Natural stone (authenticity checked)
  • It goes with everything (even bohemian looks, even under a tracksuit and jeans)

Howlit (howlite, kaulit) - a stone of enlightenment of consciousness, assistant of scientists, students, researchers. Wearing it puts you at ease, instills the trust of those around you.

Howlit bracelet magical properties:

  • protection from bad thoughts, resolution of internal contradictions;
  • transformation of negative energy into positive;
  • promotion of learning, knowledge acquisition, memory improvement, quick search for necessary information;
  • development of consciousness (helps to perceive information from the external environment);
  • increased concentration;
  • helps in overcoming obstacles;
  • remembering and interpreting dreams.

Eco-packaging in cardboard boxes. A bracelet made of natural Howlit stone can be a great gift for yourself or loved ones.

We pack in eco boxes made of recycled cardboard with love to nature