Magnetite stone choker with an Eye pendant

  • Product Code: stones
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Stones: magnetite, agate
  • Fingings: stainless steel
  • Length 41 cm with clasp
  • Base: two-layer fishing line

Neat handmade choker with a natural magnetite stone and an eye-shaped pendant. The stone has magnetic properties. The product combines black natural stones magnetite and agate, stainless steel beads and transparent plastic beads, which add lightness to the choker. Convenient toggle fastener is made of stainless steel. High-quality hardware is resistant to water and sweat, does not darken with time. The eye pendant symbolizes intuition, deep knowledge, cognition of the universe, understanding of true desires. The magnetite stone has the ability to make dreams come true, to attract the desired into life. An impeccable combination with a powerful sense.


- Attracts sympathy, love;

- Develops extraordinary abilities;

- Expands creative potential;

- Protects against negative influence;

- Protects the owner during magical practices;

- Affects all chakras and harmonizes subtle bodies;

- Helpful in opening a new business, in the field of inventions and innovations;

- Guides to make the right decisions;

- Helps to establish a connection with the ancestors (power of the family).