Black necklace agate, obsidian, rauhtopas, rock crystal

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An incredible black necklace for fans of unusual natural stone decorations. Mysterious, mysterious, unique combination of minerals. At the heart of the composition of stainless steel leaflets, which symbolizes the connection of man with nature. White stones - inserts of mountain crystal. Stones of different sizes create an unsurpassed composition. It is immediately visible that handmade decoration is not made by the template. The black necklace will emphasize your uniqueness. The necklace is fashionable as a necklace on a naked neck or as a collar to shirts.

  • Handmade
  • Natural stones: agate, obsidian, rauhtopase, rock crystal
  • Fittings: stainless steel (clasp, leaf)
  • Length 40 cm
  • Description of stones

Agate magical properties. The robber, which strengthens the mind, promotes the right decisions, makes the owner more shrewd. Protects against negativity and different poisons.

Obsidian magical properties. A powerful energy concentrator. Increases the concentration, perception of thin plans. In everyday life, it protects against negative impact, evil wishes, envy. It is able to restore damaged areas of the energy field.

Mountain crystal magical properties. Stone of seers and healers. Improves the mental process and oratorical qualities. Helps to "read" information useful during meditation.

Rauhtopase magical properties. Promotes self -improvement, achievement of goals. Helps to get rid of negative character traits (with psychological problems), such as aggression, envy, jealousy. Excellent charm from the negative impact of the environment.