Red jasper necklace

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A stylish necklace on the Ukrainian theme in red-brick color made of natural jasper stone. Stones of different lengths can be turned in different directions, creating an unusual look. Collection of handmade jewelry "Modern Ukrainian Authenticity".

  • Handmade;
  • Quality fittings: stainless steel;
  • Natural jasper;
  • The toggle steel fastener acts as an additional decoration, it can be turned to any side;
  • The size of the stones is from 5 mm to 3 cm;
  • The necklace is not afraid of water, wear-resistant, comfortable.

It can be made individually in needed size


Description of jasper stone:

A natural mineral with various inclusions formed by sedimentation, less often - of volcanic origin.

Jasper is a stone of female beauty, wealth, and well-being.

Interesting fact: Talismans made of jasper were created even in the times of heliotrope. Jewelry made of jasper was popular in ancient Rome and Greece. Jasper is even mentioned in the Bible.

Jasper is a universal stone for all signs of the Zodiac. In the Eastern tradition, it is considered a meditative stone that opens the way to inner being, helps to know the universe.

Jasper, magical properties:

  • Gives the owner the strength to win the battle, to resolve conflicts;
  • Symbolizes happiness;
  • Protects against evil influence, drawing attention to itself;
  • Transmits cheerfulness;
  • Increases female attractiveness;
  • Protects against lightning, poisoning;
  • It is considered to be a healing stone with many healing properties.

You can choose a jasper bracelet in the set. All jewelry from the collection is perfectly combined with each other.