Black braided choker with Tiger eye stone

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- Stone diameter 12 mm

- The length of the cord is adjustable

- The cord is water resistant, does not fray

- Comfortable, you can not take it off at night

- Easy to combine with other jewelry

Magical properties of the tiger's eye:

- Strengthening concentration;

- Relieves fatigue and irritability;

- Promotes the assimilation of knowledge;

- Protection from accidents, dangerous situations;

- Prevention of conflicts;

- Protection against financial losses, robbery;

- Getting rid of jealousy.

Interesting fact: The stone is not favorable to lazy people and leaves such owners (lost). It helps active people in times of change in their lives.

Healing properties

Due to its sunny color, it is believed that the tiger's eye converts the energy of the sun. The power of the heavenly body can be used in healing.

Application in folk medicine, indications: ▪️Відновлення in the postoperative period;

▪️Очищення of the body;

▪️Налагодження nutrition;


▪️Зайва weight;

▪️ Psoriasis;

▪️ Getting rid of depression;

▪️ Normalization of sleep;

▪️ Normalization of blood pressure;

▪️ Relief of symptoms of arthritis, joint diseases;

▪️ Therapy of psychosomatic disorders; ▪️ Toxin removal;

▪️ Treatment of gastrointestinal diseases;

▪️ Harmonization of the emotional background;

▪️ Sexual problems.

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