Braided Eye choker with Rhodonite stone

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  • Stone in pink and black shades
  • The length is adjustable 
  • Stone diameter: 12 mm
  • Moisture resistant, wear-resistant waxed cord
  • Natural stone (authenticity is verified)
  • Suitable for everything (even for bohemian looks, even for a tracksuit and jeans)

The waterproof and wear-resistant cord allows you not to take off the jewelry at night, while swimming in the sea or during hygiene procedures. Due to its small size, your rhodonite talisman stone will be with you everywhere - during sports or yoga, walks, and household chores. The pale pink hue looks especially good on tanned skin in summer looks.


Rhodonite is considered the stone of the morning dawn, transmitting vigor, well-being, joy, and inner harmony

It is a talisman of creative people: writers, artists, musicians, performers, craftsmen. 

Rhodonite choker with magical properties:

  • Helps to see the essence
  • Teaches to enjoy life, to see its best sides
  • Heals resentment and fights negative emotions, helps to overcome stress, anger, and rage
  • Reveals positive character traits
  • Promotes the disclosure of abilities
  • Awakens talents
  • Develops love for art, refined taste
  • Improves sleep, protects against nightmares
  • Helps to cope with laziness