Shoe trends fall 2021/2022

Shoes are almost the main focus of any outfit. Even if the dressing is completely basic, the wrong pair will stand out from the overall look. If we can focus only on fashion when choosing clothes and other accessories, then shoes should be practical. That is why we invite you to review yourself with the shoe trends for autumn 2021. Informed means armed. Focusing on trends, everyone will be able to choose a model according to taste and lifestyle.

Rough platform boots

“Not news for a long time!”, You say. However, the fall 2021 trend models are still different from previous variations. If earlier everyone wore mainly martins and similar models with lacing, now rough platform boots have been replaced by rough Chelsea boots. They do not have laces, so the look is as concise as possible and more compatible with different styles of clothing. They may not even have a snake, but only elastic inserts on the sides. Although many models still have zippers added to make the shoeing process as easy and simple as possible. The main trend of recent times: "Fashion strives for comfort."

It is important not to confuse the current Chelsea boots with their outdated counterparts. The toe of the shoe can be rounded or square, but quite voluminous. Choose models with tractor soles and platforms. The latter will not only add a couple of cm of height, but also protect the legs from getting wet and cold, as they will be higher from the ground. And most important is the height of the boots. No open ankles! If you are still wearing cropped jeans, such as mom or slouchy, then the shoes should go under them without leaving any open space. First, it does not cut height. Secondly, it is warm, and therefore practical.

Rough Chelsea boots don't have to be black. They look great in khaki, chocolate, mocha, beige and even white colors.


Cossack shoe models have tightly entered the basic wardrobe in recent years. At first they were short boots, then the characteristic shape was used for boots and even over the knee boots. What Cossacks are relevant in the fall of 2021? Choose Cossacks of medium height, typical for half boots. It is taller than ankle boots, but shorter than regular high boots. The trendy model has a wide top, into which jeans and trousers can be tucked. By the way, this wide top is not an obstacle to wearing skirts and dresses. On the contrary, they will make the leg elegant and thin. Cossack boots 2021 retained their characteristic features: a pointed toe, a triangular beveled heel on a solid block. Models decorated with embroidery look even more interesting.

High boots

Autumn is the perfect time for high boots. They go well with coats, allow you to create feminine and elegant looks with dresses and tights.

What boots to wear in autumn 2021? Choose models of Cossacks with a figured edge of the tops, trumpet boots with tractor soles, boots in jockey style. Height to the knee always harmoniously looks on the leg of any fullness. Avoid shoes that end at the widest part of the calf. It visually fills and lands.

If you are tired of traditional shades, now is the time to experiment. In the fall of 2021, silver and gold boots are relevant. A great way to stand out and grab attention.

Thick heel loafers

Loafers are relevant in the off-season, when summer gives way to autumn, but the weather is still quite warm. In the new season, fashionistas offer loafers with thick heels. These are stable and comfortable models, slightly strict and restrained. They are easily fitting in looks with trouser suits, elegant dresses and blouses. There were also models with very high heels in fall fashion shows, which will be relevant for parties and events. Such shoes are worn with tights (plain and colored) or interesting socks.

Oxfords with and without platform

Oxfords, classic representatives of the business wardrobe, have significantly changed and expanded their scope. Massive models are stylishly combined with palazzo jeans and even knitted leggings. School style is trendy. Platform oxfords fit perfectly with the preppy style.

Over the knee boots

Over the knee boots temporarily left the fashionable Olympus, but this fall they returned to us in all their glory. Current models are characterized by a spacious fit on the leg. They are not too wide to sit comfortably, but do not fit the leg. The option of over the knee stocking boots is possible only with a certain stylization, when the shoes are hidden under a dress or skirt.

The main feature of over the knee boots in 2021 is the length above the knee. It can be stilettos, thick heels, platform and flats. Here you can choose what is more convenient. Models with an elongated or pointed toe will look elegant. If you choose over the knee boots with a square toe, pay attention that it is not too massive, otherwise the shoes will look rough. According to the color scheme, over-the-knee boots of earthy shades will best fit into the autumn outfits: mocha, brown, cream, ocher, muted green.

Shoes with fur outside

Designers presented many options of shoes with fur decor and fur texture. Totally fur shoes are the choice of bold fashionistas. Although, if you choose a very low fur, caring for such a pair is not difficult, and special water-repellent products will help keep it dry and clean in slushy weather. What models are in trend? From slippers to uggs.

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