The main trends of spring 2024 - What should you know?

We are in for some truly dramatic changes in fashion. For several years in a row, trends have changed minimally. Although designers offered a new vision, only minor details reached the mass market and local brands. Even the low cut took a long time to catch on. Now the situation is completely different. So if you were expecting something fresh and new, get ready to dive into the world of spring 2024 fashion with us!

1. Vintage oversized jackets with scuffs

"Dad's jackets" are in trend! This time not only leather, but also denim. Their main feature is a voluminous silhouette and vintage look.

2. Accent shoulders

Choose coats and jackets with padded shoulders. The look immediately becomes structured and elegant.

3. Lingerie as an accent

This trend has been actively monitored since the beginning of the popularization of mid- and low-rise. It is a reference to the noughties fashion, but with a modification. Instead of sexy lingerie, sportswear is used. The fabrics are dominated by ribbed knitwear and cotton. Looking neatly out from under jeans, lingerie will add zest even to a sporty look. Lingerie-style bras and tops are still in demand.

4. Cigarette trousers

Cigarette trousers are tapered models with arrows and exposed ankles. Combine them with blazers and leather loafers, or even mules or ballet flats. In warmer weather, they look great with low-heeled sandals.

5. Ballet flats

Some people have been waiting for this trend for almost 10 years, while others are still in shock, thinking: «How could this come back into fashion?». Ballet flats were popular in the 2010s for a reason. Shoes with flat soles or low, wide heels are ideal for the active lifestyle of a business lady.

6. Burgundy color

As we all know, the main color of the year is red and its shades. In spring, designers have relied on burgundy. The rich color of ripe cherries looks luxurious and adds nobility.

7. Exposed stomach

In addition to crop tops and low-rise, this trend is taking on a new meaning. You can artificially expose the waistline using regular-cut clothes, for example, by undoing the buttons of a cardigan, tucking in a long sleeve or tying a shirt in an interesting way.

8. Open shoulders

Tops, jumpers and dresses with open shoulders are the perfect trend for spring 2024. Choose models made of knitwear, linen, and denim.

9. Balloon skirt

Designers continue to focus on these interesting models. The balloon cut is distinguished by a rolled up voluminous bottom. No need to be prejudiced! If you think that this is an option only for a party or a romantic meeting, we hasten to convince you otherwise. The balloon skirt will look original with sports sneakers and a cotton long sleeve. 

10. Jumpsuits

The spring shows presented many variants of overalls. Models in bright colors can be found in the Saint Laurent and Miu Miu collections. If you prefer the classics, then choose a black or grey jumpsuit.

11. Wide cargo trousers

Cargo trousers are the epitome of style and functionality due to the cut and patch pockets. Combine them with sneakers, high-heeled boots, shoes, and even kitten hill sandals. Wide models are at the peak of popularity. The fit is variable, from high to low.

12. Skater jeans

Wide jeans are not disappearing. On the contrary, they are becoming even wider. One of the most popular models this spring will be skater jeans. They belong to street fashion and can be easily combined with bomber jackets, baseball caps, T-shirts with statement prints.

13. Bomber jackets

They continue to stay with us. Elongated laconic oversized bomber jacket and crop version are the most popular styles. And if the bomber jacket is also leather, vintage or with accent shoulders, you get a mega stylish combo. Combine it with dresses and skirts. The look with a long denim skirt will look especially interesting.

14. Transparent blouses

Semi-transparent chiffon blouses and tops with underwear showing through, as well as lace blouses of various styles will help to diversify your looks.

15. Large flowers

Small floral patterns have been replaced by massive voluminous floral prints. Red flowers will look especially good this spring. This trend flows smoothly into accessories. We still wear chokers in the form of a large flower.

16. Metallic

From winter trends it has moved to spring. Choose skirts, jeans, shorts, jackets made of metallic fabric. If this is too radical, try starting with accessories: jewelry, bags and clutches, shoes.

17. Maxi length

«Maximalism» is present in everything from outerwear to denim skirts. Raincoats, trendy coats, maxi coats look especially impressive. For a warmer spring, you can choose a long knitted dress with a ribbed hem.

18. Accent scarves and stoles

For about 10 years in a row, we have been using scarves solely for the sake of warmth, but since the 2010s era is in trend, it's time to look at them in a new way. This season, scarves and stoles are a noticeable accessory. The fabric can be light: silk, cotton, viscose. The main attention is paid to the patterns. Printed scarves and stoles can accurately complement and dilute the usual everyday look.

19. Knitted beanie hats

The massive knitted models have been replaced by classic beanies, or as they are also called - "socks". These are tight-fitting knitted hats of fine knitting that fit snugly on the head. Given the fact that the trend is still spring, such a hat is more of an accessory than a hat to protect you from the cold.

20. Colored tights

Unlike last year, to look relevant in spring 2024, choose tights of olive or dark cherry color. Even a basic monochromatic look with a skirt can be effectively played up with this color accent.