Fashion trends for winter 2024

Fashion trends change at the speed of light. Designers borrow some creative elements from the past, others are the result of the fashion industry’s development. Winter has just begun, and the New Year will soon be here, so let's consider what trends in women's clothing await us in 2024.

The metallic color is the bright 70s comeback

Clothes made of metalized fabrics are coming back into fashion: sweaters, jeans, outerwear, and shoes. It can be both textile products with spraying, and products made of silver-colored fabrics, such as raincoat fabric, and artificial leather. Before the New Year, this trend will come in handy, because where else can you wear a silver dress or shiny shoes to a New Year's party? If you are not ready for too bright transformations, for example, boots or a voluminous down jacket in metallic color, you can always start with details: earrings, necklaces, belts, and small inserts on clothes.

Emphasis on the shoulders

In 2024, the accent on the shoulders will become an integral element of a fashionable outfit. Even though a little emphasis on the shoulders always adds a structured look, this time we are talking about really voluminous elements. The advantage of accent shoulders, especially in jackets, coats, and evening dresses, is that they add grace to the look and visually reduce the volume of the hips.


A few years ago, we have already seen the fur inserts on shoes returning to fashion. In 2024, completely fur items will be relevant: coats, fur coats, hoodies, and bags. Can't do without decorative fur elements. Of course, in most cases, we are talking about artificial fur, because a responsible attitude to animals is important for a conscious consumer.


We’ve actively wore suit vests in spring and summer as part of linen, and cotton suits. In winter, options made of suit fabric, fur, and yarn are relevant. Warm quilted vests can again be worn as independent outerwear with tracksuits and knitted suits. It is convenient and practical, and now also relevant. For those who like to create non-patterned combinations, we can advise adding a touch of ethnic style to the outfit by choosing a vest with ethnic motifs, embroidery, or woven elements.

Skirt suits

Sets with skirts of different lengths compete with trouser suits. As for fabric, a dense jersey or knitted suit with a skirt is the perfect solution for the cold season. Currently, suits with pleated skirts are in the greatest demand among Ukrainian women.

Romantic style: bows, ruffles, flounces

Clothes with lush frills, drapery, bows, and folds will help to show elegance and femininity in the outfit. These elements will look best on thin, flowy fabrics, so in winter, most likely, you will be able to wear elegant dresses for parties, corporate events, and holidays. By the way, the lush skirts with frills of 2024 have a medium and low waist.

Red color

The era of Barbie is gradually losing ground. This winter, instead of pink, designers offer a wide palette of red colors, from light to rich burgundy. Dark shades of red will look especially harmonious in everyday winter outfits. Bright red clothes and shoes will help to create a festive atmosphere.

Emphasis on the waist with a basque

Little by little, the world fashionistas began to emphasize the waist with narrower silhouettes first, then with straps, and now a long-forgotten element - the basque - is breaking into the trends. This cutting element helps to create an hourglass silhouette on any body type. Additional volume in the hip area visually slims the waist. It also makes a seductive, and graceful look.