Autumn 2022 women's clothing trends

In this article, we have collected the main trends in women's clothing for the fall of 2022.


Among the attributes of the grunge style, we can highlight:

  • checkered shirts
  • holes and scuffs on jeans (especially wide, moms), denim jackets, sweaters
  • denim jackets
  • striped longsleeves, jumpers, sweaters

The grunge style is expressed in the most relaxed, casual outfits with oversized elements.


Unlike grunge, punk style in women's clothing is expressed in more brutal and extravagant elements. The punk style broadcasts rebellion, breaking stereotypes. Among the current things, you can highlight suits in a red and black check, leather jackets and trench coats, the presence of buckles, belts, metal fittings as decor.


Discreet, elegant style, which originates from the clothes of American students of prestigious colleges. Dark sweaters, shirts, pleated skirts, jackets, and trousers of classic silhouettes predominate in clothing. Preppy style is sometimes called school style. The main requirement for things is good quality and natural composition. Most of the things are basic, so they should be well made, not frayed, not pulled out to broadcast discreet luxury. The color scheme and prints are dark, classic, restrained.

2000 style

Ambiguous style, which, nevertheless, is actively gaining a place on the catwalks. Reference to the style is observed mainly in accessories, makeup, decor elements (fur, decor with feathers, acid colors, narrow sunglasses, low fit, platform).

Mix of styles

Monotony and scrupulousness have long been out of chat. In the fall of 2022, it is relevant to combine different styles, to make unusual combinations.

Combination of prints

Several prints in the looks make it more interesting and eye-catching. Usually these are classic prints: a stripe, a cell, a houndstooth, combined with each other. Prints can be bright, as the color is still in trend.

Quilted clothes

In addition to already classic quilted jackets, shirts, coats, other things with stitches are in fashion. It can be skirts, trousers, bags, sneakers and boots.


Velvet clothes are now not only for the party! Blouses, shirts, trainers, shoes can be worn every day. High-quality items made of cotton velvet will not only give a highlight, but will also be comfortable to wear.

Shining textures

Sequins, stones, glossy silk and satin should bring festivity to everyday life. A dosed combination of shiny things with basic clothes looks makes the look interesting and catchy. By the way, it can also be accessories, for example, a clutch.


If you need to impress at a party or a date, details with feathers will make a "wow" effect. So that the look does not turn out to be overloaded, combine extravagant details with simple things of a laconic cut: mom jeans, jackets without decoration.

Accent cut

We've been wearing basics for countless years. For the fall of 2022, designers offer to add to the wardrobe the usual clothes of an unusual cut. For example, a plain white blouse or coat can have voluminous sleeves, pleats, and frills.

Textured knitwear

Knitwear with relief braids, patterns is gaining momentum. This trend plays especially well on knitted sweaters and dresses.

Colored skin

Of course, how long can you wear beige trench coats and black shearling jackets? It's quite annoying. In autumn 2022, leather items can be bright: red, pink, yellow, blue (or together?). Why not?

Fur details

Fur in autumn looks is used more for decoration. It can be fur inserts on coats, shoes or even details on suits and dresses. If you are not ready for such extravagant decisions, fur can be added in the form of an accessory, for example, a bag or a beret. In the cold season, it will be more relevant than ever.

Remember, there is no need to blindly follow fashion and chase trends. Acquaintance with trends is carried out so that you will be inspired to create your own interesting images. In the Simona Polagina women's clothing online store for autumn 2022, you can buy high-quality sports suits, dresses, sweaters and other necessary things.