The bomber jacket is a hit of spring-fall 2023

A bomber is an element of clothing derived from sports uniforms for baseball. Bomber jackets were also the uniform of pilots. The first model was the M1 jacket, made of nylon, supplemented with a textile collar, cuffs on the sleeves and on the bottom of the product.

A comfortable jacket in a sporty style is firmly rooted in men's and women's wardrobes. Traditionally, it has contrasting sleeves, chevrons or stripes, neck and cuffs made of knitted elastic band. A zipper or buttons are provided as a fastener.

Bomber jackets periodically come to the fore, and then disappear from fashion catwalks for a while. In 2023, the bomber jacket again climbed to the fashionable Olympus and took the place of honor.

What bomber jackets are in style?

Despite the fact that the bomber jacket is already in great demand, stylists expect that the popularity of the model will not decrease in the fall of 2023 and even in the spring of 2024. That is, it is more than appropriate to buy a bomber jacket now, because it will look relevant and accurate for at least a few years.

In the spring of 2023, the bomber jacket was popularized by Instagram influencers. A gray woolen bomber jacket from Zara can be seen on the profile of every self-respecting fashion blogger and stylist.

A fashionable bomber jacket in 2023 has:

1. Elongated silhouette

2. Volumetric cut

3. Dropped shoulder seams

4. Draping on the sleeves

5. Sports style

6. Textured wool fabric

In addition to bombers from Zara, which is undoubtedly a mass market brand, many manufacturers have picked up the trend. In the Simona Polagina online store, you can buy a Ukrainian-made wool bomber jacket, much better in quality and at a reasonable price. We cooperate with responsible domestic tailoring companies, so we can guarantee quality, accuracy of production, well-thought-out fit. There is no need to worry about matching the photo. We try to provide reviews in video format so that each buyer can take a closer look at the product.

The advantage of the woolen bomber jacket is that it can be combined with sports things, as well as a more elegant, restrained style: casual style dresses, knitted sets, skirts.

What to wear a bomber jacket with?

1. Bomber jacket with wide pants

2. Bomber jacket with palazzo pants in a business style

3. Bomber jacket with cargo pants

4. Bomber jacket with full-length jeans, wide models

5. Bomber jacket with leather pants

6. Bomber jacket with sweatpants

7. Bomber jacket with silk and leather skirts

8. Bomber jacket with a mini skirt or dress and high boots

9. Bomber jacket with a denim maxi skirt

10. Bomber jacket with a sweatshirt and leggings