Obsidian choker with tree of life pendant

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Handmade choker made of black natural stones with a symbolic tree of life pendant. Natural obsidian of irregular shape and small beads of black agate are used in the composition. The choker does not look massive, but stands out in the outfit. Thanks to its black color and placement high below the neck, this accessory can be worn all year round with various shape necklines clothes, with summer open clothes, or with sweaters. The tree of life pendant reflects the light beautifully. Black stones are effectively emphasized by stainless steel fittings of silver color. High-quality findings do not turn black with time, even if you take a shower or swim in the water without taking them off.

  • Obsidian teaches to notice details, to concentrate, which helps to make correct predictions, to make correct decisions; develops intuition and even magical abilities.
  • The tree of life is a symbol of development, unity with the natural world, stability. A symbol of all living things, being; the universe, order opposed to chaos. Despite the fact that people are used to associate the tree of life with Eastern culture (Buddhism, Feng Shui), it is also the oldest Ukrainian pagan symbol.

Length 38 cm

Stainless steel findings