Obsidian choker, pendant, necklace

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If you are looking for natural stone jewelry that can be worn in modern times, we recommend that you pay attention to the handmade obsidian pendant from our handmade collection. Natural stone chocker is adapted to the present. The choker Obsidian is easy to combine with dresses, T-shirts, even sportswear. The stone pendant on the neck looks concise, elegant, non-trivial.

Obsidian choker features:

Length 66 cm, adjustable (can be worn as a choker or pendant)

The diameter of the stone is 10 mm

The cord is wear-resistant, waxed, resistant to water and detergents

Obsidian is a stone of volcanic nature, formed from solidified lava.

What properties does the natural mineral Obsidian have from the point of view of esotericism?

Obsidian pendant, magical properties:

Relieves tension;

Helps clear consciousness and thoughts during meditation;

Removes negativity;

Due to the mirror surface, it sends the negativity and bad wishes to the addressee;

Contributes to the implementation of new ideas, plans;

Attracts change;

Increases concentration of attention, insight, which contributes to a better understanding of the essence of things and prediction of events.

Historically, obsidian was actively used by magicians during rituals. The mineral will be useful for esoteric practices not only as a decoration, but also in the arrangement of the altar. The mineral is suitable for people whose lives are associated with constant changes: travel, communication, research. Not recommended for those who want peace and calmness at the moment.

The power of Obsidian does not depend on size. A neat choker of adjustable length is easy to hide under clothes as desired. The mineral has black dark tones with a green tint and light iridescence (pearl glow).

We pack in eco boxes made of recycled cardboard with love for nature