Amethyst necklace with moon pendant

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Handmade amethyst necklace with moon pendant. Amethyst is a powerful and deep mineral, but due to its purple color, it is difficult to combine jewelry with bright colors. To preserve and emphasize the beauty of amethyst, other minerals are added to the composition: transparent rock crystal, smoky quartz (rauchtopaz) and river pearls. This version of the necklace is more diverse in colors, so it can be easily worn with clothes of different shades. The variety of shades looks interesting and immediately gives off a handwork, which always adds a special vibe to an outfit. The stones are chosen with meaning. Such a necklace is suitable for women and girls who seek to find balance in life, reduce stress, and get rid of women's health problems.

  • Amethyst is a stone of balance and equilibrium that reduces stress levels, preserves female beauty and youth.
  • Rock crystal cleanses the physical and energy body, relieves anxiety.
  • Rauchtopaz protects against negative influence, harmonizes the inner state, relieves creative crisis.
  • The moon pendant symbolizes intuition, women's health (element of water, cycles, motherhood).
  • River pearls also belong to the water element, symbolize plasticity, lightness.

Length 43 cm

Stainless findings